Cables & Adaptors

Information about cables and adaptors are contained in the e-catalog document "Hardware Accessory". The document shows information about the following products:

  • CANcable Set Pro
  • CANcable0, CANcableY, CANcable 2Y, CANcableA, CANcable1
  • CANterm120
  • CANcable TnT and TnT Term
  • SYNCcableXL
  • FRcable A, FRcable AB and FRterm for FlexRay
  • Voltage level adaptor Ser2K
  • Car Supply cables 12V and 24V
  • OBD cables
  • Vector CardSafe
  • CANcaseXL log CardFix Kit
  • Vector Keyman (USB Dongle for enabling the running of Vector software tools)

Special bus transceivers (cabs/piggies) for the Vector CAN, LIN and FlexRay interfaces as well as the innovative TWINcabs for the CANcardXLe are shown in the document "Bus Transceiver Overview". The document also contains details about the J1708cab/piggy 65176opto.

Additional products are:

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