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Vector Technology Days 2017

Impulses and Know-How Around the Development of Demanding Automotive Electronics

Two days for tools and trends, tips and tricks, bits and bytes around the development of demanding automotive electronics: Are you working on solutions for the mobility of tomorrow and beyond? Five good reasons why you shouldn't miss the Vector Technology Days:


Automotive Engineering: Focusing on the Essentials
We’ll supply you with compact summaries of the trends and topics that will determine tomorrow’s mobility.


One-on-one Talks, at Your Own pace, with Our Experts
Tell us what you’re interested in! Whether it’s Vector tool chains, linking of third-party tools or niche topics: We’re there to help you and will leave no question unanswered.


Beyond the Screen – Vector Tools in Action
Go beyond theory and see automotive technologies in actual practice. You’ll find more than 50 items on exhibit plus demonstrations to give you hands-on experience!


Products and Tools Developed to Meet Your Needs
What feature would you like to see in a product if you had the choice? Here’s your chance: Contact our engineers and take an active part in the development process!


During the Day, in the Evening, Short or Long – You Decide
We’ll take time to talk about what’s important to you – even after business hours. We’re on hand until 8 p.m., and our experts will be glad to discuss your needs in detail.

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Get Convinced

Two years ago, we asked our visitors for criticism and suggestions. The result: 100 percent said they would recommend us to others. A quick review:

Get Ahead

Whether it’s ADAS, model-based development, Adaptive AUTOSAR, black/white box testing, OTA solutions, safety or security: You’ll find stands on 20 different topics, with ideas that are sure to inspire you. Our developers and experts look forward to talking with you!

Automotive Ethernet: Would You Like Some More Bandwidth?
At the Technology Days you will have the opportunity to discuss your automotive interests with Vector experts on such topics as SOME/IP, Service Discovery, AVB/TSN, AUTOSAR, XCP and DoIP. Practical examples of all of these topics are implemented in our demonstrators. We also present our latest developments related to Ethernet interfaces.
ADAS: How to Get Your Projects on the Road Faster
At the ADAS exhibit you experience our complete and universal ADAS solution that consists of development tools, algorithm framework and software components, as well as measurement & calibration hardware and ADAS recording. You can start your projects in the fast lane thanks to accelerated development, debugging and testing of multisensor applications. Based on the example of a sensor data fusion, our experts show you the tools used for developing ADAS ECUs in action, and they answer your individual questions.
Car2x / V2X: Bring Vehicles into Conversation!
Join us for a journey to the automotive future. We let you experience how networked vehicles can use innovative Car2x/V2X technologies to talk with one another and with their surroundings. The therefore needed development, analysis and test tools are already available today. Get in touch with our Car2x/V2X experts and discuss your individual requirements on the spot.
Diagnostics: It’s That Simple!
Immerse yourself in augmented reality live diagnostics on a E-Smart car. Get the latest news on remote diagnostics and automated diagnostic validation. Our engineers will answer your questions - including new developments. Use a Tablet PC to remotely control the VN8810 Intelligent Diagnostic Hardware at our Diagnostic Minicar.
ECUs for Small Production Runs: A Complete Solution from a Single Source
Experience the Vector ECUs that are specifically designed for the vehicle communication. With the VC36PLC-24, for example, you can easily implement the charging communication of e-commercial vehicles. The ECUs comply with the high standards of the automotive industry and are perfect for small production runs and fast prototyping. We also show you practical highlights from our customer projects.
Embedded Software / AUTOSAR: Our Smart Implementation of the Standard
Experience the field-proven solution for AUTOSAR ECUs, which is tailored to the challenges of our customers: From a seamless tool chain of design and development tools to ECU software and services related to AUTOSAR. Our engineers present the latest developments for AUTOSAR Adaptive, Multi-core and POSIX-based systems clearly and comprehensively.
E-Mobility: Smart Solutions for the Connected World
Experience the Vector solution for charging communication according to ISO 15118 or DIN SPEC 70121 on a real vehicle. See a demonstrator for connecting the charging communication to a smart home. In addition, look forward to a demonstration of DC charging communication according to GB/T 27930 and CHAdeMO. Also see for yourself the new Vector ECUs for charging communication with V2G software.
Flashing: Simply Fast!
Unsere Ingenieure präsentieren Ihnen unsere brandneuen Flash-Lösungen und beantworten Ihnen Ihre Fragen – auch zu laufenden und geplanten Entwicklungen. Außerdem erwarten Sie live Demos zum Flashbootloader und zum einfachen Flashen mit dem Tool vFlash.
J1939 / ISOBUS: Solutions for ECU Networking for Rugged Heavyweights
Get an all-round overview of our diverse tools for the development, simulation, testing and diagnosis of the ECU networking of commercial vehicles, land and construction machines as well as special vehicles. Profit from the exchange of experiences with our developers for J1939, J1587, ISO11992 and ISOBUS networking. Discuss your individual requirements and get valuable tips for creating your complete E/E architecture: from design and implementation to commissioning and testing.
Logging: The Vector Cloud Solution Puts You on the Leading Edge of Quality
Logging with the Vector Cloud solution. Take a virtual test drive and experience how you can log CAN, XCP and GPS data, along with voice messages and images – live and in real time. Vector is premiering its cloud connection for data loggers – a simple solution for transferring and managing data, then subsequently starting the analysis and generating reports.
Measurement & Calibration: Calibrate ECUs Optimally – From A to Z!
Along with performing standard “measurement & calibration” tasks, you can also use CANape to confidently handle all other challenges, whether in the chassis or powertrain. They include automated data analysis, reporting, diagnostic testing and flashing as well as bypassing and MATLAB/Simulink integration. Whether at your individual workstation or throughout the company worldwide, you can always manage your calibration and configuration parameters professionally and reliably – also in the cloud. You can master the process of attaining high data quality and consistent variants.
Measurement Technology: Acquire and Analyze Measurement Data Efficiently!
Not only is ECU data important for evaluating vehicle behavior. You would lack important details without bus information, sensor data, pressure and temperature values, diagnostics and position data. You master complexity with a fully integrated comprehensive solution consisting of measurement modules, data loggers as well as software tools for online measurement acquisition, data analysis and management. In the exhibit area, our specialists demonstrate how you can solve a wide variety of measurement tasks, arrive at direct results in the form of meaningful reports and store all data systematically – also in the cloud.
Model-Based E/E Development: PREEvision – The E/E Engineering Solution
How do you control today's complex development processes for E/E systems? How do you master E/E development for future vehicle innovations? We present a model-based solution to developers of electric/electronic networks: The PREEvision engineering environment supports the entire technical development process in one tool – from architecture design to series production.
Over the Air: Vehicle Analysis and Maintenance without Visiting the Garage
At this booth you will experience the latest developments from Vector in the field of OTA. We present a prototype for secure software downloads, which can be adapted to your existing processes due to its modular and scalable architecture. It also provides connectivity for remote diagnostics and data acquisition for "big data".
Safety and Security: Master Challenges Reliably!
At the safety and security booth, you will learn the latest trends and best practices. We will show you the new tool-based verification of the safe AUTOSAR RTE according to ISO 26262. Get to know the safety workflow and the safety manual of the AUTOSAR basic software. With the security demonstrator we show you the new Ethernet firewall in action. Using the CANoe extension for fuzz testing, you will learn how to optimally test security mechanisms. The Security Manager, which is also presented, allows access to security-protected ECUs and networks.
Support: The Vector Support Experts are Ready to Offer you Help
The Vector Support experts are ready to offer you help and advice and give you tips and tricks, e.g. for an efficient error search on the CAN bus.
Test Tools: CANoe – Open, Virtual, Scalable, Adaptive
Explore the open world of CANoe. Find out how CANoe can be integrated into your systems to quickly build complex simulation and test environments. Experience how you can stress the classical CAN and CAN FD correctly and at the same time analyze the bit time accurately. You will learn about new ways to scale your CANoe system and discover virtual ECUs with vVIRTUALtarget. Join us on the journey to Adaptive AUTOSAR and the simulation of service-oriented systems.
Testing: ECU Quality Knows No Compromise
Increase the quality of electronic components in the vehicle holistically. How? With our comprehensive testing portfolio. Convince yourself and simply try out our HW and SW products: from test design, test automation and test execution tools to modular hardware for functional tests as well as code-based testing for embedded software. Our specialists will support you.

Get to Know

Our basic seminars deal with topics that will play a key role in tomorrow’s mobility. And they’ll demonstrate technical solutions. When? In the morning and afternoon of both days.

Room 1

10:00 to 11:00 o'clock

Automotive Ethernet

11:30 to 12:30 o'clock

AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

13:30 to 14:30 o'clock

Automotive Ethernet

15:00 to 16:00 o'clock

AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

Room 2

10:00 to 11:00 o'clock

Automotive Cyber Security

11:30 to 12:30 o'clock

Functional Safety

13:30 to 14:30 o'clock

Automotive Cyber Security

15:00 to 16:00 o'clock

Functional Safety

Simulation and Testing of Charging Station Communication on a BMW i3 Feedback from our visitors in 2015 Commercial vehicles at Technology Days – ECU testing and diagnostics on a Unimog
Intelligent Diagnostic Hardware in Use
Technical discussion at the 'ECU Interfaces' exhibit Vector VC121 ECUs are flashed Feedback from our visitors in 2015
Always well attended: Vector Fundamentals Seminars in the Arthur-Dünkle Lounge Feedback from our visitors in 2015 The Vector Forum – Our experts explain many different aspects of their development fields
Virtual integration of ECUs at the AUTOSAR exhibit New trends in the area of Automotive Ethernet Start of the guided tour through the exhibit area for students Feedback from our visitors in 2015
Practice workshops: Experienced Vector Academy trainers show how it is done Feedback from our visitors in 2015 Remote Diagnostics on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure S-Class car in the lobby area – A look behind the scenes
Hands-on technology – Vector hardware and software in action
Lobby area of the Legends Hall Feedback from our visitors in 2015 Colleagues from the engineering firm Brinkmeyer & Partner presented on their joint projects with Vector
A lot of time for detailed professional discussions with the product manager, here at the Diagnostics exhibit Have a seat, listen, experience something new – compact presentations on focal tech topics in the Vector Forum Feedback from our visitors in 2015
Logging and data analysis – Logging data over CAN, XCP and diagnostics 1000 sq. meters of exhibit space – 19 topic islands with hands-on exhibits of the latest technologies Measurement data evaluation – High-voltage temperature measurement modules and CAN bus data loggers
Feedback from our visitors in 2015 Our experts were available and ready to answer questions at the exhibits Measurement and calibration of an engine management system on a test bench (Car Train) HIL test system for functional testing of ECUs

Get on Board

Decide when you want to come: Day 1, Day 2 or both days. Whether you’re just stopping by or want to have an in-depth talk, we’ll take as much time as you need. Be our guest at Motorworld, where it’s all about automotive engineering. Participation is free, and food and drinks will be provided. (Fields marked with * are required fields.)


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How are the opening hours?

The exhibition is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on both days.

How much time should I plan?

Two hours will be enough time to find out about the Vector Portfolio at all 20 stands. Experts are available if you wish to discuss any issues in more depth. You can also take part in introductory seminars throughout the day.

Does the event cost anything?

The event is free of charge.

Do I have to register?

To help us plan the event more effectively and to make your visit to us as successful as possible, it would be best if you were to register.

Does the event take place every year?

The Vector Technology Days are held every two years, alternating with the Vector Congress which is every other year.

Is there anything to eat?

Food and refreshments will be provided.

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Just get in touch with your sales contact or

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